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Wonder Special Ethiopian menu

01 Kay Watt (Spicy) 13.95 Lean lamb meat cubes with bone  cooked in a spicy home made "sauce." Serve With Ethiopian Teff Enjera or bread

02 Yesiga Alicha 13.99 Lean lamb meat cubes cooked in a mild sauce of onions, garlic and ginger. Serve With Ethiopian Teff Injera

03 Kitfo (Ethiopian Steak Tartar) 14.99 Fresh minced lean beef seasoned vegetable oil and a touch of seasoned butter and “Mitmitta” (dried ground chili pepper and spices). served rare, medium or well done serve with Ethiopian Teff Injera

04 Kitfo Sandwich serve with bread .$9.99

05 Kitfo mix  15.99 Kitfo mixed with gomen (collard greens) and homemade cheese.

06 Tibs Awaze 14.99 Meat cubes in spicy  fresh garlic, sautéed with green peppers and onions.

07 Tibs Alicha 14.95 Tibs simmered in a mild sauce.

08, Tibs Firfir 14.95 Beef cubes grilled in pan and mixed with bits of Injera and gravy

09, Zilzil Tibs 14.99 Tender lean beef strips marinated in fresh garlic, sautéed with green peppers and onions.


Injera is like flat bread made by 90%Teff and 10% barley

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